Epoxy Screed


Epoxy Screed

 Three-component epoxy screed for wear-resistant floors and repair compound 

WHERE TO USE Industrial floors subject to medium and heavy traffic, such as in warehouses, supermarkets, storage areas and production facilities where there is intense forklifts traffic. The product may also be used to quickly level off surfaces with a slight slope and to fill hollows in badly deteriorated floors. 

Some application examples:

  • Processing and storage areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Processing and storage areas in the foodstuffs industry for surfaces subjected to medium to heavy traffic.
  • All areas of mechanised warehouses.
  • Shopping centres in areas with intense pedestrian traffic and where heavy loads are frequently moved around.
  • Aseptic areas, in areas used for storage.
  • In areas where badly deteriorated floors need to be renovated.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Mapefloor EP19 ME is a three-component epoxy screed manufactured from a formula developed in the MAPEI Research & Development laboratories. 

Mapefloor EP19 ME is composed of a fluid epoxy resin, a special hardener and graded silica sand mineral filler that is ideal for preparing highly compact mortar. 

Mapefloor EP19 ME hardens without noticeable shrinkage to form a very strong product with particularly high resistance to wear and good resistance to aggressive chemical agents if saturated with Mapecoat I 24Mapefloor FC 200 ME or Mapefloor I 300 SL ME. At +23°C Mapefloor EP19 ME is set for light foot traffic 6 hours after application and ready for vehicle traffic after 12 hours. Final curing occurs after 7 days