Our Services

concrete pump

We’re casting concrete slabs onto the compacted ground soil, with or without reinforcement steel mesh or structural fibers through fixed or movable concrete pumps

construction joint

Control joints in concrete are placed at regular intervals along a weak plane to ensure that cracks form only at the joints and not elsewhere.

water and thermal proofing

The insulation applications made with the aim of protecting the structures from water ingress and thermal conductivity through a big range of products based on bitumen or synthetic polymers

outside flooring

The seamless flooring finishes which made up from synthetic resins gives the floors more durability and wearing resistance in addition to the attractive look. applied in residential and industrial floors, thanks to our expert Consultants in delivery a many successful projects.

sports flooring outside

In addition to residential & commercial artificial grass for landscape which can be used in gardens, roofs, kids areas, etc. We also provide the entire surface construction and finishing to all types of playing courts


Along with our design team, we start with our most powerful tool: our ears. We take the time to listen to our clients and help our clients prioritize strategic architectural design goals.