Polyurethane Self leveling

Polyurethane Self leveling

Self-levelling polyurethane/cement-based system with high resistance to chemicals for industrial floors; thickness 3 to 6 mm. Complies with standards applied in the foodstuffs sector

When creating self-levelling smooth coatings, before applying Mapefloor CPU/MF, always treat the surface with a coat of primer to saturate the porosity of the substrate.


Perform the following steps:

for dry, cured substrates with a moisture level of < 4%, and when thermal shocks will not be expected on the coating
when in service, use Primer SN mixed with 20-30% by weight of Quartz 0.5.

The mix must be poured onto the surface of the clean, de-dusted floor, spread over the floor with a straight, steel trowel and skimmed down to a feather edge.

Immediately after applying the coating, fully broadcast the surface with Quartz 0.9. Once the primer has set, remove any
excess quartz, sand the surface and remove all traces of dust with a vacuum cleaner. Then apply the Mapefloor CPU/MF.

Please refer to the Primer SN Technical Data Sheet for further information on its use and application.

As an alternative to Primer SN, for all suitable types of substrate, particularly moist substrates or substrates with thermal
shocks expected on them when in service, apply a coat of Mapefloor CPU/MF skimmed down to a feather edge.


The product must be completely hardened and no longer sticky before applying the final coat of Mapefloor CPU/MF as a selflevelling layer. Wait at least 12 hours at +20°C, depending on actual site conditions.