Artificial Grass


Artificial Grass

With more realistic options than ever, artificial grass requires no mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing or pesticides, looks great over years and it’s very natural-looking makes it almost impossible to tell artificial grass from natural grass.

Idea Sports team are always keen on providing the finest products with competitive prices by being the agent of the best artificial grass manufacturers in the world.

Artificial grass can be used for:

  • Multipurpose courts: it is a true sport facility and cost effective solution in which you can turn one single area to play Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball all on one surface with different colored lines, your area can truly be called multipurpose court, which is cost effective and a true sport facility.
  • Tennis and Padel Courts: artificial grass is considered an effective alternative to gravel or natural grass courts, you no longer have to use the drag brush on your court after every match.
    Our artificial grass tennis courts are designed to meet the highest technical, playing standards and finish requirements.
  • Golf and Hockey courts: Artificial grass is widely recognized as a good alternative to natural grass in the golf and hockey industry, providing a consistent quality surface.