There are 172 residential units in Soleya, including a range of apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas. Each unit has a stunning sight and offers its occupants a lot of privacy and tranquilly. With a 77% green cover, people may expect stunning views both within their own homes and nearby. The designs blend seamlessly with their sleek, straightforward modern style. To meet the needs of a diverse community, Soleya offers exceptional landscapes in addition to private recreational and social amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, and more. The name Soleya is a combination of English and French. Salsola, which comes from the English, is a distinctive, uncommon desert flower that grows in shrubs.
This is an illustration of the setting in which we decided to construct. Additionally, Soleil, which is French for sun, represents the enormous quantity of natural light that is accessible to all of our residences.
Address: Cairo – Alex, KM 23 on the Desert Road.