4_4mapei flex pu 40


Paintable polyurethane sealant with a low modulus of elasticity for movements up to 25%.




Compatible with all absorbent mineral substrates, metal surfaces, painted surfaces, wood, stone, brickwork and glass. Primer is not usually required. In spite of the high thixotropic nature of Mapeflex PU40 which allows it to be applied even in wide joints without running, the creamy consistency of the product makes the product easy to extract and smooth over.
Once completely polymerised, Mapeflex PU40 may be painted over with paint normally used in the building industry.
Certification: ISO 11600 F 25 LM and GEV EMICODE EC1 R.
Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet before use.

Colours available
white and grey (other colours available upon request).

– 3.0 meters per 300 ml cartridge;
– 6.0 meters per 600 ml tube (10×10 mm section).

boxes of 12 300 ml cartridges;
boxes of 20 600 ml soft cartridges.

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