NiloPlast 5

APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membranes
With Non-Woven Spun-Bond Polyester Or Glassfiber Reinforcement

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NiloPlast 5 are plastomeric
waterproofing membranes
manufactured in an advanced
continuous calendaring process by
saturating and coating a synthetic
carrier with a waterproofing compound
made of a special grade of bitumen,
which is modified with APP polymers.
While the APP polymers enhance the
thermal, mechanical, and aging
properties of the membranes
compound, the mechanical
characteristics of
NiloPlast 5 are
established by the non-woven
continuous filament spun-bond
Polyester or Glassfiber mat which acts
as the reinforcement that provides the
membrane with its particular tensile
strength, tear resistance, puncture
resistance and elongation properties

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