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ODIFIX (semi mechanical fixation )

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Fixation for ceramic tiles and stones

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  • Indeed adhesives guarantee perfect anchorage of the tile/slab only if perfectly applied. But this is not always the case In addition to that, it is hard to predict the strains the tile/slab will have to bear because of building’s settlement as well as expansion for temperature range, extreme weather conditions, earthquake and so on
  • Therefore, the safety withholding hook ODIFIX is a crucial ally of the architect/designer (and of course of the buyer) to assure the maximum safety
  • ODIFIX expands the design possibilities since tiles and slabs of any size can be now used
  • Aesthetically speaking, ODIFIX is the perfect solution since it is completely invisible once the façade is done
  • ODIFIX is hidden between the tile and the wall
  • The installation is very simple and is carried out directly on the job-site in a few seconds


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1 review for ODIFIX (semi mechanical fixation )

  1. Hatem

    Amazing solution for facade tiles fixations…light and smart

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